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Hey There,

I'm Jessica I would like to share with you how I started my love affair with the Fiber Arts…. My favorite of all is quilting!

It started at a young age with my mother sewing our clothes and going to the fabric store to pick out fabric. She would even let us pick out patterns for Barbie clothes. I was mostly excited that I was getting something for my doll. Once I realized the time consuming details it took to make these items I thought, GIRL……. This is NOT for me!

Fast forward many years to when my own children were born. The most treasured gifts I always received for my babies were the handmade ones; quilts, knitted and crocheted blankets and handmade clothing. All of the women in my family had a skill in the fiber arts whether it be crocheting sewing, or embroidery but sadly I did not. Yet those items are the ones I cherish the most to this day. I also feel a great connection to those who spend their time on this wonderful creation thinking of me and my family.

Soon we all found ourselves in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I was given the gift of time. I purchased my first sewing machine and set out to learn the craft…. yet I had to do it all remotely with the help of social media and FaceTime, I came along quite nicely and began to fall in love with it. Choosing fabric, creating, and the focus it takes to be precise helps with my self care to destress from my 9-5.

This brings us to today, I have an amazingly supportive husband who encouraged me to peruse my passions. It is our goal together to bring the joy of Fiber Arts to all generations through our online shop and our own brick and mortar shop. We are located at 117 Main Street Cold Spring Harbor, NY. We are open Tu-Sat.

Happy Creating!


The most treasured gift is one made by the hands...cherished forever!

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